Manifesto warning

Writers and historians have published a manifesto in The Guardian warning against the rise of populism in Europe

Vision Seminar MEP BSR

IUC-Europe is going to host a vision seminar in April 2019 for students and teachers from our network in the Nordic countries. The seminar will include discussions about the development of the MEP BSR organisation. Look out for further information at 

Youth Summit Denmark

What is the YEiV Youth Summit? Dates: A Youth Summit taking place in Denmark on the 6th – 12th of May 2019. Participants: 100 young people from all over Europe and 100 Danish folk high school students will meet and join forces around the issues concerning youth in Europe. Themes in focus: Youth under pressure, Culture & Identity,…

The Tribalization of Europe

Think Tank EUROPA hosted a high profiled conference on Jan 14, “Europe´s choice – The Next Five Years including speakers like Lars Løkke Rasmussen, Prime Minister of DK, Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition, Mette Frederiksen Leader of the Social Democratic Party. IUC´s Nina Nørgaard took part, and in her opinion one of the most interesting…