Waves of Democracy

Between 30th of June and 7th July 2013, young students, professionals and social activists with diverse backgrounds came together from 24 countries from the EU and beyond, gathered in Sønderborg, DK, for the summer academy Waves of Democracy. Sønderborg lies on the island of Als in the heart of the Sønderjylland/Schleswig-Holstein border region. After centuries…

Ifor’s Commentary

Magdalena: How far are you in the planning phase of the seminar and what are your impressions so far? Ifor: All the arrangements for the seminar are pretty much in place. We succeeded in finding some very interesting speakers from various national and international organizations, and we are pleased that so many of the people…

Youth on the Move

As reiterated many times before, the seminar will provide a space for exchange and debate on tools, best practice and experiences for international educators and navigators from our networks. It ́s planned to further develop existing activities and tools and to identify where new ones are needed. Astute readers will notice that the updated version…

Vienna Meeting

Having known the EUNET crew for many years, and having long shared an enormous kinship of spirit and values with them, IUC’s executive director – Nina Nørgaard, recently attended a seminar in Vienna with fellow colleagues aimed at brainstorming ideas on how to tackle predicaments revolving around Euroscepticism, Nationalism and integration of refugees. A select…

Spring Meeting 2016 – Vienna

How do we tackle the challenges of Migration, Euroscepticism and Nationalism in our educational work? That question would be driving the agenda of a seminar, hosted by our partner organisation – EUNET, which is to take place from the 9th to the 11th of March in Vienna. IUC’s executive director, Nina Norgaard, is attending the meeting…

Youth on the move

Youth on the Move is a project seminar for IUC ́s networks and staff with the following main elements:

  • Best practise examples on how to debate Europe (e.g.Waves projects, MEP, gamelab, MUN, seminars in Stockholm and Vienna, European Week )
  • Food for thought from external actors/guests (e.g. Hotel Proforma, Spotter.one, MM – think tank, European Movement, Our Europe)
  • Workshops on how to combine experiences gained – with new methods/ideas to debate and set scenarios for IUC ́s activities in the future. Keywords: Challenges, Actions, Visions

Schengen is dead? Long live Schengen

Jacques Delors, Antonio Vitorino, Yves Bertoncini and the participants of our 2015 European Steering Committee call on the heads of state and government to both safeguard and strengthen Schengen in the face of international crises (terrorist attacks and the massive influx of asylum-seekers), in a declaration untitled “Schengen is dead? Long live Schengen!” which has already been published in several European media. 


World Forum for Democracy which took place in Strasbourg in November has provided preliminary conclusions. The insights gathered during the World Forum meetings inform the work of the Council of Europe and its numerous partners in the field of democracy and democratic governance.