Manifesto warning

Writers and historians have published a manifesto in The Guardian warning against the rise of populism in Europe

Vision Seminar MEP BSR

IUC-Europe is going to host a vision seminar in April 2019 for students and teachers from our network in the Nordic countries. The seminar will include discussions about the development of the MEP BSR organisation. Look out for further information at 

Newsletter March 2019

Youth on the Move The Model European Parliament in Sønderborg was the great success of 2018 – Opening Ceremony in the castle, professional committee work, sightseeing in beautiful weather, performance in the new culture house/library, parliament in Alsion and much more – students and teachers had a very good time, staying with host families and…

August 2016

A project over which we laboured long and hard is about to take shape in concrete form and we are delighted to report that we have resumed work on MEP Copenhagen.   MEP Copenhagen: October 29 – November 5 Staff of IUC-Europe has been proud to actively involve itself in the lengthy preparations of Model…

Newsletter March 2016

This month’s briefing will address IUC’s upcoming seminar, Youth on the Move, in further detail by lifting the curtain on what is currently taking place behind closed doors. For this purpose, we have Ifor Molenhuis - a key figure in the planning and execution of the seminar - sit with us and discuss the preparatory…

Newsletter Feb. 2016

How do we tackle the challenges of Migration, Euroscepticism and Nationalism in the educational work we are engaged in? That question would be driving the agenda of a seminar, hosted by our partner organisation – EUNET, which is to take place from the 9th to the 11th of March in Vienna.