IUC-Europe is an international network organization located in Copenhagen. It is run by Nina Nørgaard in cooperation with an advisory committee and consultants, which include Andreas Guidi, Christin Knüpfer, Tyler Adkins, Leise Sandemann, Lawand Namo, Christine Alsing Schuldt, Lea Krusell, Micky Wang and Magdalena Tashkova. 



Nina Nørgaard







Senior Lecturer MA
Former International Coordinator Sankt Annæ Gymnasium

Rasmus Stobbe

Senior Lecturer MA
Oure College of Sports & Performing Arts

Hans Lindemann 

Former Principal

Ifor Molenhuis

MA in English Studies and Cultural Identities in Europe

Sylvia Baptista

MA in Sociology from University of Copenhagen

Jesper E. Hansen

Host Retainment Officer
DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia