IUC-Europe – International Education Center is a European network organisation with its office in Copenhagen. IUC works with national and international long-term youth projects in the fields of teaching/learning, non-formal (political) education, citizenship and integration, culture, employment, and study trips.

IUC is Denmark’s only Europe House and a founding member of EUNET – (European Network for Education and Training www.european-net.org) Partner in a number of international networks, including The Model Euro-pean Parliament Baltic Sea Region organisation, (www.mepbsr.org), where we act as administrative coordinator for 10 countries. Our projects/activities are described on this site. A core activity is to focus on educating young Europeans to become international navigators and networkers, e.g. in the waves of democracy projects.

We take our starting-point in the common Nordic values: equality, trust, low power distance, flexibility, sustainability and a non-authoritative approach to teaching/learning in close cooperation, dialogue and development with partners/colleagues/organisations all over Europe and other parts of the world. We implement our projects/activities nationally as well as internationally with a strong focus on cross-border cooperation, face-to-face meetings and advanced use of social media.
Nina Nørgaard
Executive Director